Storing data in a table in an internal database

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    • Storing data in a table in an internal database


      Arcplan Enterprise

      I want to use data from a local spreadsheet and join it with data from a database without using the spreadsheet directly.

      So I created a local table in a new template and cut and paste the data into the table, added a header row and added to to a new table in an internal database.

      All works OK until I save the template, when a numeric field is rounded to 6 places, so 26006168 becomes 26006100, As this is a key field for joining the data it is a little inconvenient.

      Is this the best way of doing it and if so how do I get the data stored correctly?


    • RE: Storing data in a table in an internal database

      Martin, when/where are you saving the template? Please note that you cannot write back to an internal table, it can be used for reference purposes only.

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    • UPDATE:

      I have reduced the example to creating a cell in a blank template, entering a number , then closing and re-opening it.

      If I enter 123456 it comes back as 123456

      However if I enter 1234567 it comes back as 1234570

      Is it possible to store larger numbers? Or do I try and convert it to a string?