Message "click to activate control"

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    • Message "click to activate control"

      Hi masters,
      In arcplan enterprise 5 SP3:
      When we run our arplan application via web (from internet explorer, for example) it appears a tooltip in the middle of the window like this: "Click mouse button to activate control". We need to click mouse button to activate the arcplan frame (or java frame...) and then the application runs ok.

      Could we activate the arcplan frame automatically by arcplan code or (html or javascript functions) to avoid to click this first time that activates this control?

      Thank you very much!
    • RE: Message "click to activate control"

      Hello kel,

      there is a workaround through javascript. However, as far as I understand, the change to not automatically accept ActiveX controls in the browser was reverted by Microsoft in a recent patch. So, please update your computer and let us know.

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