CGI on linux webserver (

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    • CGI on linux webserver (

      Dear all,

      We are currently migrating toward and we are experiencing issues such as:
      - connection delays - when opening homepage (20 sec.),
      - web instance hangs after some connections (process has to be restarted).

      dynaSight webserver is running on Linux Redhat (ES 3) with IHS (IBM Apache) http server. Application server on Win2003.
      The previous version ( is running under the same network environment without those issues!
      I'd like to have some feedback of people around using dynaSight webserver under linux as it seems that we are not so many around...
      I'm dealing with the support in order to have thing solved but everything goes really slowly although we already had issues related to linux webserver in the past (3 years ago).

      Best regards,

    • RE: CGI on linux webserver (

      i am deploying using this scenario in a load-balanced environment running on red-hat linux and apache 2.2.

      trying to deploy the dhtml client, but running into rendering problems since the positioning on screen is absolute. tried wrapping the client in an iframe so as not to screw up the portal layout that we have, but behind https it pops up a security warning since the client doesn't get loaded into the frame straightaway. afterward the client will cease responding after a single click. we found that removing friendly http messages in ie settings will remedy this situation, but this is not a practical solution since our customer base is quite varied.

      also noticed that there are plenty of premature end of script headers thrown from the cgi in the apache logs as the cgi tries to serve images and files from the cgi-bin. none of this makes sense to us.

      any insight would be appreciated.
    • RE: CGI on linux webserver (

      i should also state that there seems to be an additional issue.

      since the dhtml client is a little, um, quirky, we reverted to the applet since that seemed to work however it seems as though all successive queries to the dynasight server (after the initial connection is established) are made with a single user id no matter which user is accessing his data.

      so this is the scenario
      -client establishes connection server, and correct graph for owner is retrieved.
      -additional query to retrieve menuing options is made under the same userid every time no matter who is currently trying to access his information sets.

      again, any help would be appreciated. no documentation or support at the moment.